Limited English Proficient (LEP) Population

The Limited English Proficient Population

The first factor examined is the number or proportion of limited English proficient (LEP) persons within each local health district (LHD). Use the map and chart in the dashboard below to examine the LEP population in your LHD. Select different languages or LHDs in the dropdowns in the upper right of the dashboard to filter by language and LHD. Alternatively, click on a county or independent in the map to select its LHD. Hover over counties in the map or languages in the chart to reveal further details. Additionally, click on the “Local Health District” heading at the top right of the chart to reveal information by county or independent city.

Detail Table

The table below provides detailed information on languages by local health district. Check the boxes on the right to select one or more LHDs. The Grand Total column to the left refers to selected LHDs only.

*All data on this page is from the US Census Bureau American Community Survey Five-Year Estimates, 2014 vintage.