Surry 2019

We recently completed the out-of-sequence exercises for the FEMA/NRC evaluation of Dominion Energy’s Surry Power Station. The health department’s responsibility in these exercises was to support sheltering activities related to the potential evacuation from any plume containing radioactive materials, and provide stable potassium iodide as a medical countermeasure to radio-iodines that are in the inventory of the primary loop of the pressurized water reactor.

We also provide support to each locality with regard to public information on the effects of radiation, self-protection, decontamination and so on.  Many of these public health messages are pre-identified since we can anticipate the common questions a citizen might have. We try and identify those groups of citizens that may have specific questions; those within 10 miles of the plant, those with children or pets. We also plan for those persons in “congregate care” facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes.


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