Peninsula Health District

The Virginia Department of Health focuses on “Healthy People in Healthy Communities”, the Hampton/Peninsula Health District’s similar vision is to extend this concept into the resilience of the communities we serve. The mission remains to protect the diverse populations and their environment.

The Hampton/Peninsula Health District is a local health district unit of the Virginia Department of Health. It functions as the local health department for six independent counties and cities in southeastern Virginia. The Hampton/Peninsula Health District provides public health services for the 480,000 residents of the District and is responsible for public health preparedness and response to natural and manmade disasters.  

The Hampton/Peninsula Health District fulfills the local health department function and provides public health services for two independent counties and four independent cities: James City County, York County, the City of Hampton, the City of Newport News, the City of Poquoson, and the City of Williamsburg. Each local jurisdiction has a strong city manager/county administrator form of government with an elected city council or county board of supervisors.