Abortion – Making an Informed Decision


The following materials, mandated by the Code of Virginia 18.2-76, are intended to assist citizens to make informed decisions:

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Ultrasound Services

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Virginia Law (§18.2-76 of the Code of Virginia) requires an ultrasound (pictures) of the pregnancy be performed prior to abortion. You must have an ultrasound to determine the gestational age of the pregnancy (how far along you are).

The law also states the Virginia Department of Health must create a list of agencies across Virginia that provide ultrasound at no cost for pregnant women. This is a list of the offices that will perform the ultrasound for free.

  • This means every location on the list will provide an ultrasound and listen for the baby’s heart sounds at no charge to you.The law says ultrasound services must be provided by trained and qualified medical professionals under the supervision of a physician licensed in the Commonwealth.
  • This means that each location on the list has registered nurses or other individuals trained and qualified to perform the ultrasound and listen for a baby’s heart sounds.
  • It also means each location on the list has doctors that have training to provide ultrasounds and are able to practice in Virginia.The law says you can view the ultrasound image, receive a printed copy of the ultrasound image, and hear the baby’s heart tones if you wish. If an ultrasound provider on the list does not provide any of this information to you after you have asked for it you can report them to:

You may need to ask your ultrasound provider to send a copy of your ultrasound to your abortion provider. Some providers will not send copies to abortion providers; in that case you will need to bring a copy to your abortion provider yourself.

The following facilities have agreed to have their facility listed publicly and meet the listed requirements of Virginia Law (§18.2-76 of the Code of Virginia). These may not be all the places in Virginia that provide ultrasounds for free. Virginia Department of Health does not have a financial relationship with these providers.

The following list includes providers that have agreed to provide an ultrasound for free or at low cost If you click on a facility in either of the lists, you will see detailed information about this facility. This information is provided by each facility, the Department of Health does not have the authority to check the accuracy of this information as the Department does not license these facilities and does not have regulatory authority over these facilities. These facilities are regulated by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration), CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments). Physicians and other licensed professionals are regulated by the Department of Health Professionals and the building must comply with local building codes. The list of providers includes information to help you make a decision about where to go, such as:

  • The name, address, and phone number for the facility;
  • Whether they provide an ultrasound for free, or for a low cost;
  • If low cost, how much they will charge you for the ultrasound;
  • Whether they will send a copy of your ultrasound to an abortion provider, and if so, whether or not they will charge you for this (Remember if a provider will not send a copy to your abortion provider you will need to bring the copy yourself to get an abortion);
  • Whether they will give you a copy of the ultrasound image, and if so, whether or not they will charge you for this;
  • The information is subject to change so you should call a location prior to your appointment for more information.

No or Low Cost Ultrasound Services – Provider Form