Presentation Curriculum

VDH, in partnership with the Virginia Home Visiting Consortium, has also developed Project Connect web-based training for home visitors. This training offers home visitors and other health care providers who have already attended a half day workshop continuing education on priority topic areas and advanced training on issues not currently covered in live workshops.

  1. State employees should register on the TRAIN website
  2. Non-state employees should register at the Home Visiting Consortium’s website

Virginia’s Project Connect Leadership Team, in collaboration with staff from Futures Without Violence, has developed a curriculum for home visitors and a curriculum for family planning/reproductive health workers. Four-hour trainings and train-the-trainer programs on the curricula, which include presentations , review and discussions of video vignettes, role play and facilitated discussion are held in various parts of the Commonwealth throughout the year.

Curriculum Presentations

  1. Family Planning/Reproductive Health Curriculum
  2. Home Visiting Curriculum
  3. Virginia’s Healthcare Response to Sexual Assault Online Training Module