A Community Health Assessment (CHA) is a systematic examination of health status indicators of a given population used to identify critical assets and problems in a community. The CHA process provides an in-depth assessment of the community’s health needs and service gaps. This information is strategically prioritized to address identified health needs and gaps with resources available in our community.  This part of the process is known as a Community Health Improvement Plan (or CHIP).  The CHA-CHIP process assesses the health of the community and identifies opportunities for health improvement—this, in turn, leads to the implementation of a project to address the issue.

This assessment is community-driven to gain the truest understanding of life for residents in our community.  The community health assessment extends beyond the traditional medical definition of health (i.e. the healthcare system) to address the conditions in which people are born, live, play, work, and age.  It has been shown that these social determinants of health (income, housing status, employment status, level of education, etc.) play a major role in the health of individuals and communities.  Fredericksburg City Community Health Assessment has begun in March 2017 and is using Mobilized for Action Through Planning and Partnership (MAPP) as it’s tool of assessment.