Employment Opportunities


The Richmond City Health District is recruiting for the following positions:

Community Health Worker Sr. (RC059): 
Closes on 09/10/2019
Environmental Health Specialist (RC025):
closes on 9/11/2019
Health Counselor, DIS (RC119):
PH Nurse Sr.  EPAS (RC047):  
closes on 9/11/2019 

Peer Cessation Coaches

The Richmond City Health District Peer Cessation Coaches will be trained and paid to provide tobacco and nicotine cessation throughout their Richmond City communities. The Peer Cessation Coaches will build community relationships, collaborate with RCHD Resource Centers, and connect local residents to Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). Peer Cessation Coaches responsibilities will include: conducting health outreach in and around their designated neighborhood; provide cessation information to local residents who are interested in quitting tobacco or nicotine for good; help motivate individuals to consider quitting; follow up with individuals who are in the process of quitting; attend community events to promote quitting; organize and lead support groups for those quitting.