Community Health Services

Nursing Home Admissions & Medicaid Waivers
The Roanoke City Health Department provides the screening assessment for the following  Medicaid waivers and pre-screenings for nursing home admissions:

  • Elderly and Disabled Services  Consumer-Directed Technology
  •  Alzheimers Assisted Living

These are Medicaid waivers that provide a scope of services to those individuals who are disabled or elderly. To receive these services the individual must be screened by the health department and a social worker from the Department of Social Services. Services may include the following:

  • Assistance with daily care such as bathing, dressing toileting, and household chores
  • Respite care for care giver support
  • Adult day care
  • Admission to a care facility

Referrals for screenings may be made at (540) 853-2188 through Roanoke City’s Department of Social Services (DSS).

Lead Program

The Lead Case Management Program supports the Lead-Safe Virginia Program through public health nurse lead education and assessment of children.

The Lead Program provides the following services:

  • Assessment (elevated lead levels ≥ 10 µg/dL)
  • Environmental Health Specialist Assessment (elevated lead levels ≥15 µg/dL)

An environmental specialist assessment is completed for the homes of children with persistent elevated levels of lead.  The purpose of both the public health nurse and the environmental health specialist assessment is to identify the source, whether it may be chipping paint, lead water pipes, contaminated soil or other source, that is causing the lead level to be elevated.  Both assessments will take place in the home of the child or other residence where the child is spending a significant amount of time.

Children under 6 years old

WIC Nutritional program
Lead Removal Regulations and processes

Through education with the child’s family on the nutritional needs of the child along with instruction on care processes for the inside and outside the home, and ongoing lead testing by the child’s physician, it is expected that the lead level for the child will be reduced and be maintained at a non-toxic level.   Referrals are made to the WIC nutritional program as well as services that may be needed for the safe removal of lead from either the inside or outside the home.

Refugee Health

Newly arrived refugees sponsored by Commonwealth Catholic Charities (CCC) are referred to our Health Department for an initial health screening.  These Newcomers from around the world who settle in our area receive any needed vaccinations and a health screening within 30 days of their arrival.  Referrals for needed medical and dental care are made by our Refugee Health coordinator in partnership with the Roanoke Refugee and Immigration Services Agency.  All refugees are encouraged to establish a medical home with the many providers in the Roanoke Valley area. Clinic hours designated to refugees are usually on Mondays 8:15AM – 1:00PM.  The CCC may be reached at (540) 342-7561.

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