One of the most significant public health achievements has been a reduction in the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases. However, because immunization rates are at an all-time high, and disease rates are low, many parents have not seen the deadly diseases that once took the lives of so many children.   In recent years in the U.S., an upswing in the number of cases of pertussis, a potentially fatal disease in infants, brings to forefront an illness most young parents have never seen.  Our Health district has made the administration of the Tdap vaccine in adults a priority offering this vaccine at community venues, businesses and to all our clinic clients at no cost.

Our Immunization program follows the guidelines set forth by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).  Public Health Nurses participate in annual CDC sponsored immunization updates and trainings, as they must be aware of any changes, recommendations and available resources as they educate the community on the importance of vaccine preventable diseases.

Community vaccination efforts during the H1N1 flu epidemic, brought Public Health staff to various community venues to vaccinate the public.  A storefront at the local mall proved to be the most popular site with over 400 vaccinated daily during weekend clinics.  In addition, the Health department sent H1N1 Vaccination Teams into every public school in our district.
August is our “Back to School” immunization campaign.  Walk-in school immunization clinics are held multiple times throughout the month, including some weekend and after hours opportunities.
Roanoke City Health District continues to provide leadership, guidance and expertise in immunization program services for our community.

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