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Student Immunization Survey Results

**Data for MMR, HepB, Tdap vaccines are collected ONLY for sixth grade.**

Instructions for Viewing Results of School Survey

1. To view data from previous years - select “Search School Report” from the left sidebar; enter the requested information and click on the SEARCH button;

2. To view data from the current school year – select either “Schools That Have Not Reported” or “Schools That Have Reported” from the left sidebar, and then choose the School Type (Public or Private)

  • For Private schools, choose the County or City;
  • For Public Schools, choose the School Division; or
  • For either type, choose the Health District.


  • Search School Report
    Provides data as reported by the selected schools for the selected year
  • Schools That Have Not Reported
    Lists schools that are required to report that have not yet submitted data for the current school year as of today’s date
  • Schools That Have Reported
    Lists schools that are required to report and the data that have been submitted for the current year as of today’s date





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