Commonwealth of Virginia/State Board of Health

Rules and Regulations of the Board of Health – Commonwealth of Virginia

The Regulations for Disease Reporting and Control describe what diseases must be reported to the health department and the methods to use to report.

Cases of disease have been reported to the Virginia health department since the early part of this century. Beginning in 1919, the Code of Virginia has required the State Board of Health to promulgate a list of diseases that must be reported. The enclosed Regulations represent the Board’s latest response to this mandate.

If you have questions, please contact your local health department#

Click the button below to enter a reportable condition through Virginia’s Confidential Morbidity Report Portal.

Regulations for Disease Reporting and Control

Reportable Disease List

Conditions Reportable by Directors of Laboratories

Reporting Form (Epi-1)

Electronic Morbidity Reporting Portal Documentation

Fact Sheet: Outbreak Reporting Requirements for Facilities and Programs

FAQs: Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Case Reporting

Exemption: Regulations for Disease Reporting and Control

#Those required to report should report all conditions when suspected or confirmed to their local health department. State health officers and other reporting entities outside the Commonwealth of Virginia should send reports to:

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