Virginia Healthcare-Associated Infections Annual Report

The HAI Annual Report summarizes the performance of Virginia’s acute care and critical access hospitals on HAIs and healthcare worker influenza (flu) vaccination. The purpose of the report is to enable readers to view hospital-specific HAI performance, understand the entire state’s HAI performance as a whole, and to compare a hospital’s HAI performance to that of the rest of the country.  The consumer version of the report contains information to empower patients to ask healthcare providers infection prevention questions before seeking and while receiving medical treatment.

The HAI Annual Report uses standardized infection ratios (SIRs) to evaluate hospital performance during the reporting year.  The SIR is a measure that compares the observed number of HAIs in a facility or state with the national baseline for each infection type.  The HAI measures presented in the annual report do not represent all possible HAIs, but were selected by the federal government and VDH because they give a good overview of how a hospital is doing in preventing HAIs.

Virginia Healthcare-Associated Infections Report for a Healthcare Provider Audience

Virginia Healthcare-Associated Infections Report for a Healthcare Consumer Audience

Overall, HAIs are largely preventable, and healthcare providers and consumers can take steps to prevent infections in hospitals and other healthcare settings.  Recommended infection prevention activities and general fact sheets about HAIs are available below.

Resources for healthcare providers

Resources for healthcare consumers