The 2016 MAPP2Health Report contains four priority areas for focus and improvement:

Promoting Healthy Eating and Active Living

Addressing Mental Health and Substance Use

Reducing Health Disparities and Improving Access to Care

Fostering a Healthy and Connected Community across the Lifespan

Review the updates below to learn about MAPP activities and initiatives:

2017 MAPP Update for Localities Fall 2017 update provided to MAPP councils in each TJHD locality. Highlighted activites include MAPP efforts by TJHD as well as community partners.
2018 MAPP Update for Local Govt Winter 2018 MAPP overview and update provided to local governments within TJHD. Highlighted activities are specific to TJHD efforts.
Faith and Wellness Resource Guide Guide designed to help faith leaders to easily identify recommendations and take action to support better health and well-being for their congregation and community across the four MAPP2Health priorities.