MAPP2Health Reports

2016 MAPP2Health Report and Progress Updates

2019 MAPP Progress Report (February 2019; final update on the 2016 report includes highlights of community partnerships and initiatives as well as updates on the specific goals, objectives, and locality-specific strategies for each of the four MAPP priorities)

2018 MAPP Update for Local Govt (Winter 2018; MAPP overview and update provided to local governments within TJHD. Highlighted activities are specific to TJHD efforts.)

2017 MAPP Update for Localities (Fall 2017; update provided to Interagency Councils across the district. Highlighted activities include MAPP efforts by TJHD as well as community partners.)

2016 MAPP2Health Report REVISED (May 2017; visually updated with larger graphs and figures)

2016 MAPP2Health Report (December 2016)

2016 MAPP2Health Executive Summary (December 2016; section of larger report)

2016 MAPP2Health Community Health Improvement Plan (December 2016; section of larger report)

2012 MAPP2Health Report and Progress Updates

2016 MAPP2Health Update (data update)

2015 MAPP2Health Update (data update)

2013 MAPP2Health Update (data update)

2012 MAPP2Health Report (2012, PDF) / 2012 MAPP2Health Report (2012, Issuu)