MAPP2Health Reports

2016 MAPP2Health Report

2016 MAPP2Health Report REVISED The report was visually updated in May 2017 to include larger figures and graphs throughout.
2016 MAPP2Health Report Original December 2016 version of the MAPP2Health Report.
2016 Executive Summary Key findings from the 2016 MAPP2Health Report including the four community health priorities.
2016 Community Health Improvement Plan The Community Health Improvement Plan is the collaborative action plan based on the Community Health Assessment (4 MAPP assessments).

2012 MAPP2Health Report and Progress Updates

2016 MAPP2Health Update 2016 data update for the 2012 report.
2015 MAPP2Health Update 2015 data update for the 2012 report.
2013 MAPP2Health Update 2013 data update for the 2012 report.
2012 MAPP2Health Report | PDF The 2012 Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan.