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Snippet #5 –  Policy for Discontinuing Regimens that Do Not Include a Rifamycin

The 2014 guidance document “Policy for Discontinuing Regimens that Do Not include a Rifamycin” has been updated and can be found at this link.

Treatment regimens for active TB are generally straightforward and include rifampin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide and ethambutol (aka: RIPE) .  If a rifamycin (rifampin, rifabutin) is not included due to resistance or intolerance, second line TB drugs are often added and treatment is lengthened. The goal of this policy is to assure TB cases not treated with a rifamycin receive an adequate course of TB therapy.

If there are any questions about this policy please call Denise Dodge (804-864-7968) or Amanda Khalil (804-854-7589).

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