Tuberculosis Program Staff

The Division of Tuberculosis and Newcomer Health
Virginia Department of Health
109 Governor Street, 3rd FL
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone:  (804) 864-7906
Fax:  (804) 371-0248

Email:Dr. McCoy
Phone: 804-864-7920

Assistant Director/Nurse Consultant
Denise Dodge, RN, BA
Email: Denise
Phone: 804-864-7968

Nurse Consultant
Debbie Staley, RN, MPH
Email:  Debbie
Phone:  804-864-7972

Nurse Consultant
Linda Rodriguez, RN
Email:  Linda
Phone:  804-864-7589

Health Education Coordinator/Contract Monitor
Saran S. Ross, BS
Email:  Saran
Phone:  804-864-7921

Epidemiology/Surveillance Coordinator
Suzanne J. Keller, MA
Email:  Suzanne
Phone:  804-864-7922

Tuberculosis Program Consultants
Timothy J. Epps
Email:  Tim
Phone:  804-864-7924

William J. White
Email:  Bill
Phone:  804-864-7923

TB Registrar
Donna Asby-Green
Email:  Donna
Phone:  804-864-7907

Administrative Assistant
Raven Rudd
Email:  Raven
Phone:  804-864-7916