VDHLiveWell Materials

Building Healthy Steps

Building Healthy Steps: The Virginia State Capitol

Building Healthy Steps: The Virginia Department of Health

Building Healthy Steps: The Virginia Department of Health

Building Healthy Steps: The 14th St. Parking Deck


Pregnancy & Abortion Resources

Fetal Development

Fetal Development (Spanish)

Free Ultrasound Providers Bookmark

Abortion: Making an Informed Decision Brochure

Abortion: Making an Informed Decision Brochure (Spanish)

Every Woman’s Life (EWL)

Every Woman’s Life Logo

What You Need to Know About EWL English

What You Need to Know About EWL Spanish


Free Cancer Screenings Flyer English


Free Cancer Screenings Flyer Spanish 

Cancer Prevention

Seven Steps to Prevent Cancer Flyer


Cancer Screening Flyer

2018-2022 Cancer Plan

Oral Health


Brush Teeth Card English


Seal Away Tooth Decay English



Seal Away Tooth Decay Spanish




Oral Cancer Card




Healthy Diet is Something to Smile About English



Healthy Diet is Something to Smile About Spanish

Brushing for Two Card


Bright Smiles for Babies

Oral Cancer Brochure

Baby Teeth Care English


Baby Teeth Care Spanish


Brushing Your Child’s Teeth English


Brushing Your Child’s Teeth Spanish

Fluoride Varnish English

Fluoride Varnish Spanish

Oral Health and Total Health

Dental Care for Mature Adults


A Healthy Mouth for People with Special Health Care Needs

Diabetes and Oral Health Card

Oral Health and Total Health Rack Card

Infant Nutrition and Oral Health English | Spanish


Oral Health & Hypertension Rack Card

Community Water Fluoridation

Facts about Community Water Fluoridation (Waterworks Professionals)

Facts about Community Water Fluoridation (Healthcare Professionals)

Fluoridation Grant Funding Flyer

Work Together to Sustain Health


Chronic Disease

Virginia Shared Agenda

Making a Healthier Virginia 1305 Summary

Heart Disease Prevention

Virginia Congregations Blood Pressure Flyer

Virginia Congregations Blood Pressure Planning Guide

Heart Disease Fact Sheet


Diabetes Ad


Evidence Based Diabetes Fact Sheet

Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program MDPP Billing Codes 2018

MDPP Data Elements

MDPP Resource Sheet

MDPP Performance Based Payment System

MDPP Steps Fact Sheet

National DPP Resource Transition Chart

National DPP Resources

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Fact Sheet


Postpartum Depression Brochure English

Postpartum Depression  Brochure Spanish

Smoking During Pregnancy

Folic Acid Bookmark English

Folic Acid Bookmark Spanish

Loving Support

Loving Support Logo

Next Steps to Health

Loving Steps

Loving Steps Brochure English

Loving Steps Brochure Spanish

Resource Mothers

Resource Mothers Logo

Resource Mothers Rack Card

Women Infants and Children (WIC)

Virginia WIC Logo

Tell WIC Poster English

Tell WIC Poster Spanish

2018 Virginia WIC Food List

2018 Virginia WIC Food List Spanish

Tobacco Free Living


Tobacco Free Laws

Tobacco Free Toolkit

Tobacco Free Worksite

Quit Now RX Pad


Is That Tobacco Worth Your  Smile?


Pregnancy and Smoking English



Pregnancy and Smoking Spanish



Quit Now Brochure


Quit Now Brochure Spanish

Breastfeeding and Smoking

Virginia Adult Tobacco Survey (VATS) 2016-2017 Report

VATS 2016-2017 Snapshot

Great American Smokeout Flyer

Smokeless Tobacco

Black Lives Black Lungs

Family Nutrition Program

Nutrition Flyers English

Nutrition Flyers Spanish

Child Passenger Safety

Child Passenger Safety in Virginia Brochure

First Ride Safe Ride: A Parent’s Guide

Safety Seat Distribution and Education Program

Violence Prevention Program

Teen Safety Card

Healthy Relationship Chart

Virginia Mental Health Access Program

Healthy Child Care

Changing Diapers the Safe Way Poster

Washing Your Hands the Right Way Poster

Newborn Screening

EHDI Virginia Logo

Your Baby’s Hearing Test English and Spanish

Hearing Results Permission Card


Hearing Results Permission Card


Primary Care Providers Role in Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

What is my Baby Hearing Rack Card

Are you Sure Your Baby’s Hearing Everything Rack Card?

Hearing Loss Is Not Visible Poster

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)


PRAMS Survey

PRAMS PowerPoint

Safe Sleep Virginia

Safe Sleep Virginia Logo


Safe Sleep Fact Sheet

Family Planning

Talk 2 Me Logo


Long Active Reversible Contraception (LARC) Fact Sheet

LARC Superhero Banner

Virginia Cancer Registry

Virginia Cancer Registry Logo

Neuroendocrine Tumors VCR Voice

Zika Pregnancy Registry

Zika and Pregnancy Brochure English

Zika and Pregnancy Brochure Spanish

Sickle Cell

Sickle Cell Logo


Sickle Cell Brochure


Sickle Cell Fan


Virginia Breastfeeding Law Overview for Businesses

Breastfeeding Law Card

Breastfeeding Poster

VDH Breastfeeding Ad

Breastfeeding Law Card Spanish



Breastfeeding Back to Work

Breastfeeding Back to Work Spanish

Bright Futures

Bright Futures Setting the Stage

School Health

School Nurse Institute Partnership (SNIP) Rack Card