Frequently Asked Questions (EDRS)

  • Question – What is VVESTS?
    Answer – VVESTS stands for Virginia Vital Events and Screenings Tracking System. The VVESTS is a suite of applications and houses modules for the registration of Virginia Births, Infant hearing and birth defect screenings and Virginia Deaths.
  • Question – What is an EDRS?
    Answer – EDRS stands for Electronic Death Registration System. An EDRS is a web based application used to electronically register and recall deaths occurring in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The EDRS is a module in the VVESTS suite.
  • Question – What processes are supported by the EDRS?
    Answer – The EDRS is used to register all attended and unattended deaths, but the VVESTS has modules for the registration of Fetal Deaths as well as Induced Terminations of Pregnancies.
  • Question – Is there a fee/cost associated with the use of the EDRS?
    Answer – No, the use of the EDRS is at no cost to any of the users of this application.
  • Question – Do we need to install the EDRS on our computers?
    Answer – No, the EDRS is a web based system similar to any website you access in day to day use of the internet. The EDRS can be accessed from the following website address (URL):
  • Question – When will the EDRS be implemented
    Answer – Registration and training will begin October 2014 the implementation will be November 1, 2014
  • Question – If a decedent died on October 31st 2014, can I register that death on November 1st in the EDRS?
    Answer – No, in order for a death to be registered in the EDRS, the death must have occurred on or after November 1, 2014.
  • Question – Does the EDRS handle Fetal Deaths?
    Answer – Yes, although the funeral homes may not create electronic fetal death certificates, yet, they may receive them for completion from the medical facilities that are enabled to create fetal death certificates in the EDRS.
  • Question – How can I receive training to use the EDRS?
    Answer – Web-Class Training will be available for all users. The training schedule is listed on the Office of Vital Records website
  • Question – if I work for more than one facility, do I need separate user accounts for all facilities?
    Answer – No, your user account will grant access to you to perform your duties pertaining to all facilities. Please visit the Forms Section for details.
  • Question – What happens to the blank death certificate forms inventory available at my facility?
    Answer – The Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Vital Records will recall current death certificate forms and provide you with the updated version of the same.
  • Question – What if I have created the death certificate and the next party to sign the death certificate is not a EDRS user?
    Answer – In this case, you would electronically sign your portion of the death certificate and print it using a DROP TO PAPER function and follow the same procedure as followed for the current manual paper process.
  • Question – The death certificate has been electronically signed, how can I make a correction? 
    Answer – If the correction involves a drop to paper death certificate that has not been filed at the local health department send an email request to the help desk at requesting a deactivation.  The email must contain the details mentioned below.
    Email subject line: Deactivate EDRS case <case#>
    Email contents: Please deactivate the death certificate for case <case#>. Decedent name <last name> <first initial>. <provide the reason for deactivation>. <a statement indicating the death certificate has not been filed with Local Health Department>.
  • Question – How do I correct a death certificate that has been filed with the Local Health Department and/or the Office of Vital Records?
    Answer – There are two ways to amend a death certificate; judicially or administratively.  Please contact the Office of Vital Records at (804)662-6200 for further instructions.