Zika Virus Disease (or Zika) Information for Clinicians

As an arboviral infection, Zika is a reportable condition in Virginia. Questions about Zika virus testing for a patient in your jurisdiction should be addressed to your local health department so they can approve testing and coordinate specimen submission and shipping with the state laboratory (Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services) and CDC.

*Please note that current DCLS specimen testing instructions specify that specimens must be sent in a serum separator (tiger top) tube; specimens sent in red-top tubes will be rejected. Zika virus testing instructions will continue to be periodically updated by DCLS. Current instructions can be found on the DCLS website, under Updates and then under  “Hot Topics & Updates.”

When to test for Zika Virus

Public health testing for Zika virus requires pre-approval from your local health department. CDC testing of tissue specimens must also have pre-approval from the local health department and CDC. The health department will contact CDC to request tissue testing. All tissue specimens should be submitted through the state public health laboratory (Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services).

Where to obtain testing

Which tests to order

Virginia's Public Health Laboratory (Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services)

How to Interpret Tests

This situation continues to evolve and information is subject to change. For additional information and recent updates, see CDC’s Zika webpage for health care providers

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