• Virginia Maternal Health Awareness Month 2024

    Virginia Taking Steps to Improve Maternal and Child Health Outcomes This month, Virginia is observing Maternal Health Awareness Month by setting aside the month to bring attention to the need to improve the health of babies and their mothers. While Virginia has made progress, cases of adverse maternal and birth outcomes are high, and are rising for Black…Read more

  • UV Safety Awareness Month

    Seeking Sun Safety Suggestions? VDH Has the Answers. The extreme heat that we are experiencing this summer is only one of the reasons to take steps to protect you and your family. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UV) is another. UV rays can cause skin damage, including premature aging and skin cancer. You can protect yourself from the harmful…Read more

  • Natural Water Safety

    Headed to the Beach, River, or Lake this Summer? Follow theses tips to keep you and your loved ones safe  As the temperatures rise, many people head to the water to cool off. Make sure you take some safety precautions to ensure the water fun continues through the summer.  First, make sure you know how to swim! Drowning…Read more

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