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Food Services

Frequently asked questions about Food Protection

The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health, Office of Environmental Health Services, has over fifteen hundred food services facilities under permit. The Food Protection Program consist of four major categories:

Facility Plan Review

  • All plans for new food service facilities and all plans for the renovation of existing facilities are reviewed in order to insure that basic requirements are met. Adequate numbers of hand washing facilities are available and strategically placed. Adequate refrigeration is available for the storage and holding of potentiality hazardous foods. Adequate facilities for the preparation of the food products listed in the proposed menu are included. The construction aids in the cleaning of equipment and the establishment. Sufficient facilities exist for the sanitizing of food service equipment and utensils

Food Service Personnel Training

  • Virginia Beach concentrates training efforts at the professional food service manager. Most food service facilities are required to have a Certified Food Service Manager on duty at least eight hours of the operational day. The training is conducted at Hampton University College
    of Virginia Beach located at 253 Town Center Drive in Virginia Beach and is taught by qualified instructors. Recertification is required every three years. Review our training schedules.

Regulatory Inspections

  • Virginia Beach requires food service facilities inspections for restaurants, schools, hospitals, and day care centers. Each facility is inspected to insure compliance with the Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Health rules and regulations governing restaurants. Inspection frequency depends on the type of food service facility, the client base, and the inspection history. The records of food service facilities are available at the Office of Environmental Health Services.

Enforcement Actions

  • When necessary, food service facilities can have their Health Department Permit SUSPENDED This action is appropriate when there is an imminent health hazard such as the aftermath of a fire, loss of water, power, or food holding equipment. REVOCATION is the permanent removal of the permit and is a last resort in trying to get compliance with the regulations.

The FDA 1997 Food Code is available on-line.

Last Updated: 08-24-2011

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