Adolescent Health

The goal of VDH's Adolescent Health Program is to empower youth with the information, resources and access they need to make informed decisions about their health.

  • Positive Youth Development Programs: Five partners serve almost 2,000 youth in Hampton Roads, Harrisonburg, Paige County, Roanoke, Smyth County, Bristol, and Wise County in Teen Outreach Program and Project AIM.
  • BrdsNBz Sexual Health Text Line: Virginia adolescents can text "Talk2Me" to 66746 and get answers to their sexual health questions from a health educator.


  • COVID-19 Teen Social Media toolkit: Download our COVID-19 toolkit here.
  • VDH Youth Advisors: The Adolescent Health Program will hire two Youth Advisors to serve as youth culture experts, and create and manage VDH's regional youth advisory structure; positions will be posted in early 2020.
  • Comprehensive Sexual Education: The Adolescent Health Program will begin funding comprehensive sexual education in 2020.


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Have questions about sex, sexuality, STIs, contraception, or relationships? Text TALK2MEVA to 66746 to get an answer from a health educator within 24 hours. This textline is free and anonymous for any teen!