About Youth Advisors

Youth Advisors are young adults on the Adolescent Health Team at the Virginia Department of Health. They work to provide input and feedback on current VDH initiatives to ensure that existing projects cater to youth. Additionally, they are working to engage adolescents in public health through Virginia's Youth Advisory Council.

Keerthi D.

Keerthi is a rising college senior. She has had a keen interest in public health since high school and is excited to serve as a Youth Advisor at the VDH.

"I applied to be a Youth Advisor because I am a huge proponent of primary intervention, and I want to provide a multifaceted perspective on problems affecting adolescents. In this role, I plan to advocate for young people to increase the impact of existing public health initiatives while supporting new projects as well."

Avani H.

Avani is a rising college senior. She wants to work in public health to promote health equity and address disparities in communities across Virginia.

"I applied to be a Youth Advisor because of my interest in healthcare equity and serving underserved populations. I want to experience healthcare from a public health view to learn about the intersections between the government and clinical setting. In this role, I plan to increase equity, in terms of accessibility to health care resources, and empower the youth voice."

The Youth Advisory Council is a VDH initiative to get adolescents more involved in decisions regarding their community's well-being. We are seeking eager high school students in Virginia that are passionate about public health and want to see change in their community.