It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October Marks National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Symbol of Breast cancer awareness month in october. Realistic pink ribbon. Poster template. Vector illustration.National Breast Cancer Awareness is a time to think about regular screening that can help find breast cancer early, especially for women who may have no symptoms. When this type of cancer is found early, patients have more options for treatment and a better chance the treatment will be successful.

This year, an estimated 7,600 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in Virginia, according to the American Cancer Society. It is the most common cause of cancer in women in Virginia. 

Talk to your healthcare provider about the best time to be screened. The United States Preventive Services Task Force recommends women ages 50 to 74 and who are at average risk for breast cancer have a screening mammogram every other year, but those who are at higher risk may need to be screened earlier and more often. Your healthcare provider can help with a plan that is right for you.

For many women, insurance covers the cost of routine screenings. For those who do not have insurance or who may have a loved one who doesn’t, the Virginia Department of Health’s Every Woman’s Life program may be able to help.

The program provides free breast and cervical screening tests and diagnostics.. To learn more and find a provider site, visit the Every Woman’s Life page on the Virginia Department of Health website.