Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias

Causes and Risk Factors

The brain is a collection of different components, each of which is responsible for specific functions such as memory, emotion, and behavior. Dementia is caused by brain cell loss or damaged cells, which impairs the brain's ability to function normally. The main reason of dementia is simply, growing older. People are more likely to get dementia if they have a family history, minor cognitive impairment, or are African Americans/Blacks, or Hispanics/Latinos. 

Each type of dementia affects the brain differently and is distinguished by distinct brain changes.

The most common forms of dementia include: 

Learn more about the Different types of Dementia.

Know the Signs

If dementia is suspected, an early diagnosis is crucial so that you or your family can receive the medical care and assistance that you require.

Additionally, there are Memory Assessment Centers across Virginia where you or your loved one can receive a diagnosis and treatment.


Risk Factors You Can Change