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How to use this web page

Welcome to the Bright Futures details display.

Our details display has the same great videos as the discovery display. But it also has extra print information on the same topics.

The details display shows videos in the screen to your left. More print information on the subject appears in the text box beside the video screen.

You can find children’s health and wellness information based on a

How to use the details display

When you choose from the blue theme menu or the green doctor’s visit menu, the video screen displays the video for your topic. More print information appears in the box beside it.

The details display also places related videos in a box on the lower half of the web page. There is also a box that may have even more print information on the topic you have chosen.

To find information on a specific topic, type your keyword in the box. Then click the search button. The button and box are in the top right corner of the screen under the VDH logo.

What you’ll find

The result for each method is side-by-side video and related print information. You can also email the video or print out the topic or video text.

So select a topic and get started. Children’s health information for a bright, healthy future is just ahead.