About Healthy Futures

Healthy Futures is a children’s health educational resource from the Virginia Department of Health. It is based on Bright Futures, the American Academy of Pediatrics’ family-centered approach to health care.

Healthy Futures also reflects the Virginia Department of Health’s commitment to Bright Futures. This relationship is demonstrated in several ways.

Children’s health information

Healthy Futures is Virginia’s web-based version of the Bright Futures children’s health information. Both contain the same basic information. But while Bright Futures is written for health care providers, Healthy Futures is written for families and community members.

Health care policy

Bright Futures is also the Virginia Department of Health’s standard for child and adolescent health care. And many of Virginia’s children’s health care policies are based on Bright Futures’ guidelines.

Family-centered care

The Virginia Department of Health supports family-centered health care. Both Bright Futures and Healthy Futures recognize that children are members of their families and communities. And, like Bright Futures, the Virginia Department of Health wants to help families

  • take charge of their children’s health and well-being
  • increase their health care knowledge and skills
  • participate in health-promoting and prevention activities
  • partner with their child’s health care providers and communities.

A healthy future is a bright future

The Virginia Department of Health is dedicated to the health of all Virginians. Healthy Futures and Bright Futures are an important part of its work to protect and enhance the health of Virginia’s children.