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Children's Health Information is your source for up-to-date children’s health information. View videos and text about children’s health topics or explore what happens during a child’s health care visit to a medical professional.
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Healthy futures are bright futures.

Children's Health Information for Parents and Caregivers

Healthy Futures is a web-based version of Bright Futures.

Bright Futures is the American Academy of Pediatrics’ standard reference book on children's health information for pediatricians.

Healthy Futures takes the children's health information in Bright Futures and puts it into the hands of parents through videos and text.

Healthy Futures increases family knowledge, skills, and participation in health promoting and prevention activities.

When parents and doctors share the same children’s health inforrmation, they are better prepared to work as partners.

The goal? Health outcomes for a healthy child, family, and community.

Children’s Health Information Topics Include:

Child development
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Healthy nutrition
Domains of development
Physical activity
Communication and language skills
Oral health
Gross and fine motor skills
Healthy weight
Social and emotional skills
Family and culture
Reading and literacy
Infant temperament
Discipline and behavior
Separation anxiety
Sleep patterns
Children with special health care needs
and much more

Access Children’s Health Information in Text and Videos

- Watch parents, health professionals and community members discuss their experiences with children’s health and development topics.

- Get the same children's health information that pediatricians give parents.

- Find children’s health information by a child’s age or health topic

- Hear how parents use this children's health information in their family.

- Print out children's health information that you can use to raise a healthy child and improve your child's health

- Get children's health information for every stage of your child's development

- Learn the American Academy of Pediatrics goals for each of your child’s regular health visits.

Age-Specific Children’s Health Visit Topics Include:

Newborn care
Parental support
Guiding child behavior
Infant self-regulation
Formula feeding
School readiness
Toilet training
Feeding solid foods
Sibling rivalry and relationships
Developmental changes
Family routines
Home safety
Car safety seats
and much more
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