Observing Religious Holidays During COVID-19

Most major world religions have at some point provided guidance for the faithful to practice in times when public gatherings would put the community at risk.  Under Phase 1- Safer at Home, places of worship may continue drive- in services but indoor services are limited to 50% capacity.  Phase 1 restrictions are a floor and communities may not be ready to take these steps and will have stricter regulations.  Some parts of the state may keep coronavirus-related restrictions in place longer than the rest of the state.–.  If restrictions are still place, we must worship and pray in our homes. But we do not have to do it alone. Through televised services, video chat, and coordinated prayer times, we can worship together, even from a distance.

Under Phase 1, Safer at Home, some places may operate at 50% capacity while others remain closed.  However you celebrate, try to provide your children both normalcy and excitement. Give them stability by keeping your normal traditions. To give them a sense of fun and excitement in the new circumstances, add in an extra. However you celebrate, try to give your children a holiday that they’ll remember fondly.

Page last reviewed: May 18, 2020