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Child care programs are a vital part of communities and provide safe, supportive environments that support development, provide access to important services, and improve outcomes for children. VDH is committed to providing guidance that ensures a safe and healthy environment for all students, teachers, and staff in child care centers.

COVID-19 Testing Support For Child Care Facilities

VDH is providing at-home rapid COVID-19 test kits to child care facilities through their Local Health Districts. Child care facilities may distribute test kits to be sent home with students (age 2+), staff, and parents to have on hand if they need to consider testing. Examples include: developing signs/symptoms of COVID-19, being exposed to COVID-19, during an outbreak (under guidance of your Local Health District), returning to school after vacation periods (i.e. Thanksgiving break) or before or after attending a large school gathering (i.e. preschool graduation). Facilities may also consider distributing test kits at school events, so families have them on hand when needed. 

For child care facilities interested in receiving test kits, please reach out to your Local Health District

As of August 2022, the VDH Child Care Testing program is funded by the CDC ELC Reopening Schools Award.

At-Home Antigen Test Kit Information

VDH is providing two types of at-home rapid antigen tests to local health departments to distribute to child care facilities. Both tests may only be used for those 2 years of age and older.

eMed-proctored BinaxNOW Antigen At-Home Test Kit

  • Contains 1 test per kit
  • Requires use of the eMed telehealth proctor
  • Results may be read in 15 minutes
  • An adult will need to collect the sample for testers aged 2-15. Testers aged 15 and older may self-collect
  • Does not require use of a CLIA waiver to perform testing on-site
  • VDH Informational Session on eMed BinaxNOW At Home Test Kits
  • VDH Child Care Facility Guide to eMed BinaxNOW At-Home Tests (Updated 7/5/22)
  • VDH Parent Guide to Using eMed Tests (Updated 7/5/22)

OraSure InteliSwab COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit

  • Contains 2 tests per kit
  • An over the counter (OTC) test that does not use a telehealth proctor
  • Results may be read in 30 minutes.  
  • An adult will need to collect the sample for testers aged 2-18. Testers aged 18 years and older may self-collect. 
  • Child care facilities will need to obtain a CLIA waiver in order to perform testing on-site with OraSure InteliSwab Kits. Facilities distributing test kits for at-home use do not need a CLIA Waiver.   
    • How to obtain a CLIA Waiver: Document on how to obtain a certificate of waiver 
    • CMS quick start guide to help complete the form
    • Submit form CMS-116 to: Virginia Department of Health Office of Licensure and Certification 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 401, Richmond, Virginia 23233


Sample Consent Forms

VDH recommends sending test kits home with parents/guardians for at home testing. However, child care facilities may choose to test on-site if they have the resources to do so. Sample consent forms for teachers, staff, and students for on-site testing can be found here.

(DOCX) (1 pp, 315 KB)

Parent/Guardian Consent Form
Teacher/Staff Consent Form .



General COVID-19 Guidance for Child Care Facilities

Test to Stay is no longer routinely recommended as per the VDH COVID-19 Interim Guidance for K-12 Schools, Child Care, and Day Camps. If a child care facility is interested in implementing Test to Stay, VDH is able to provide guidance and testing resources. Please email with any questions.

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