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Test to Stay

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K-12 Test to Stay (TTS)

Test to Stay is a practice in which close contacts of individuals with COVID-19 who are not up to date on COVID-19 vaccines continue to attend in-person school, if they remain asymptomatic and have serial negative COVID-19 tests. VDH provides testing resources for Test to Stay through the CDC ELC Reopening Schools Award.

Please see below links for summary of VDH guidance on the implementation of Test to Stay programs in Virginia schools. Please note that all guidance is subject to change pending any updated CDC or VDH Guidance.

Question about Test to Stay?

For School Officials

Test to Stay Protocol – Updated 7/20/22

Introduction to TTS, including key definitions, and recommended testing and quarantine response protocols
(PDF) (14 pp, 240 KB)

Implementation Checklist

Detailed checklist for schools to review to ensure adequate staffing, resources, and processes to implement Test to Stay
(PDF) (2 pp, 55 KB)

Sample Letter to School Community

Can be used to communicate the implementation of TTS to the school community
(DOCX) (1 pp, 2.1 MB)

Template Sample Test to Stay Consent Forms

(PDF) (2 pp, 59 KB)

Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Staff

VDH Parent Guide to Using eMed Tests (Updated 7/5/22)

(PDF) (11 pp, 1 MB)

Do you know about Test to Stay?

(PDF) (1 pp, 86 KB)

Test to Stay Daily Monitoring Form

Use this form to track data on individual test results, symptoms, and exposure dates.
(PDF) (1 pp, 144 KB)

Page Last Updated: August 8, 2022

Data on Test to Stay in Virginia K-12 Schools (Updated 8/5/2022)

Total number of K-12 schools/school divisions actively distributing test kits for Test to Stay:

  • 43 school divisions
  • 26 private schools
  • 1 independent public school 


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