STACC Library Partnership Roles Chart

Responsible Party: VDH

Role: Provide Test Kits

  • Provide test kits, informational materials, and promotional materials.
  • Host webpage and phone number for community members’ questions.
  • Collect feedback from libraries.

Responsible Party: Libraries

Role: Distribute Test Kits

  • Opt-in to program.
  • Receive and store test kits.
  • Develop distribution plan. Distribute test kits and informational materials.
  • Monitor inventory and re-order test kits from VDH.
  • Report how many tests were distributed per day to VDH and provide feedback to VDH on the program.

Responsible Party: Community Members

Role: Request and Take Tests

  • Request and pick up test kits from VDH.
  • Create a NAVICA account.
  • Take the test with an eMed proctor using an internet-connected device.
  • Self-isolate if the results are positive.
  • Go to VDH, a health care provider, the local health department, or NAVICA or eMed customer support with any questions.

Responsible Party: eMed

Role: Proctor Tests and Report Results

  • Provide CLIA waiver and certified guides to virtually proctor tests.
  • Automatically report test results to VDH.


Library Partnership Roles Chart of VDH, libraries, community members, and eMed in the STACC program.