Health Equity Dashboard

Rate ratios are used to quantify disparity. Disparity refers to differences in health status among distinct segments of the population including differences that occur by gender, race or ethnicity, education or income, disability, or living in various geographic localities. This dashboard looks specifically at race and ethnicity. A rate ratio compares the rate of events in different groups to a reference group and expresses it as a simple ratio. In general, higher rate ratios mean higher rates within one group compared to the reference group.

*Virginia residents only
*Ratios are in comparison to the same rate for the White population. For instance a ratio of 2.00 indicates a rate at twice the White population, while a ratio of 0.50 indicates a rate of half the White population.
*Death, Case, and Hospitalization rates for Native American population are not included because of small figures.
*Death data is only available at the state level due to small figures
*Death data is standardized by age group while cases, hospitalizations, and vaccinations are not.
*Data is updated on the second Monday of each month

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