Weekly Health District Case Data

This dashboard shows COVID-19 data at the health district level. It shows you how the data change over time. Health districts are cities or counties grouped together by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). You can see which health district your city or county is in by using the VDH Geography Locator Tool.

The top left hand drop down menu allows you to choose different options to see the data. Here are the options you can choose from:

  • Weekly Totals - Case Counts: Total count of cases by week
  • Weekly Totals - Case Rates: Rate per 100,000 population by week
    • Rate per 100,000 population is a common public health calculation. Rates help compare geographic areas (like health districts) with different population sizes.  It offers a way to see the burden of COVID-19 in geographic areas, as if they all had the same population size. You can calculate rates by dividing the case count by the health district population. Then, multiply by 100,000.
    • Cases are by report date for this measure. This means the date VDH reported the case. This helps to match the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting. The other measures are by date of symptom onset (event date).
  • Weekly Totals - Deaths: The count of COVID-19 associated deaths by week
  • Age Group - Cases: Total count of cases by age group
  • Race/Ethnicity - Cases: Total count of cases by race/ethnicity
  • Percent in Congregate Settings - Cases: The percent of cases that are in congregate settings

You can view the data by a table or by an area chart. You can choose which option in the middle drop down menu. On the top right hand drop down menu, you can choose the date range. The dashboard will automatically update based on your selections.

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