2019 Virginia – Hepatitis A Outbreak

UPDATE: The Rise of, and Response to, Increased Hepatitis A Cases in Virginia in 2019

We are requesting your assistance in addressing a growing number of Hepatitis A cases for 2019. Posted below is a letter to all stakeholders, issued jointly by Dr. Robert Brennan, Chair of the Virginia Medication Assistance Program (formally ADAP) Advisory Committee and Dr. Lilian Peake, State Epidemiologist and Director of the Office of Epidemiology, regarding the troubling and significant increase in Hepatitis A cases throughout Virginia, this year. Please distribute the enclosed  information through your regional and clinical networks to colleagues and clinicians (MDs, RNs, NPS, PAs). Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

A Call to Action – The Rise of, and Response to, Increased Hepatitis A Cases in Virginia in 2019

UPDATE: Hepatitis A Outbreak and Resources

Did you know that there is an ongoing hepatitis A outbreak occurring across the country including here in Virginia? Hepatitis A can be prevented with a vaccine, and vaccination is covered by the VA MAP program!

Please be sure to assess your client’s risk for hepatitis A and provide vaccine if they have not received their full 2-dose series. Groups at highest risk include: injection and non-injection drug users, men who have sex with men (MSM), and those persons who are or were recently homeless or incarcerated. Even if your client does not have a risk factor for hepatitis A, the vaccine is covered by the program and available to all who desire it.

Please see your local immunization action plan (IAP) coordinator or contact 804-864-8055 for more information.

Further information regarding the Hepatitis A outbreak and related resources, please see the Division of Disease Immunization Hepatitis A Vaccination Resources page.