Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Resources and Linkages for Inmates

CHARLI Program

Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Resources and Linkages for Inmates, or CHARLI, is a program of  VDH's Division of Disease PreventionThe CHARLI program is available to all Virginia correctional facilities, including local and regional sites, and state Department of Corrections (DOC) facilities.  The program consists of four components.  HIV testing and HIV/STI education, are offered to all persons nearing release from corrections.  The third component assists both the person living with HIV and the medical correctional staff during the discharge/reentry planning process. The fourth and final component is 18 months of case management provided after release from corrections.  A host of comprehensive services are available during the 18 months. The only requirement is to be HIV positive and to have been released from incarceration within the last twelve months.

The following is a brief list of a few of the services that are available:

  • Discharge planning,
  • Access to medications,
  • Linkage to medical care,
  • Case management,
  • Assistance with housing,
  • Access to food resources,
  • Assistance with social service applications,
  • Employment resources,
  • Mental health services,
  • Substance abuse support and services,
  • Transportation assistance,
  • Support groups, and
  • Interventions and strategies for people living with HIV.

Below you will find a list of agencies throughout Virginia that are funded by VDH to provide CHARLI services:

Health Brigade (formerly Fan Free Clinic) - Central Virginia

1010 North Thompson St., Richmond, VA 23231

Phone: (804) 358-6343, Fax: (804) 354-9124

CHARLI Staff: Cristina Kincaid, Jihad Abdul-Mumit


Council of Community Services - Southwest Virginia

356 Campbell Ave. SW, Roanoke, VA 24016

Mailing Address: PO Box 1381, Roanoke, VA 24007

Phone: (540) 982-2437, Fax: (540) 342-2204

CHARLI Staff: Adam Cheslow, Todd Rothrock


University of Virginia (UVA) - Northwest Virginia

UVA Infectious Disease Clinic, 1300 Jefferson Park Ave.,  5th Floor Room 5550- West Complex, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Phone: (434) 924-1754, (434) 305-8725, ; Fax: (434) 982-1755

CHARLI Staff: Les Roberts, Tanya Smith


Minority AIDS Support Services (MASS) - Eastern Virginia

247 28th St, Suite 100, Newport News, VA 23607; 2415 Lafayette Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23509

Phone: (757) 644-3595, (757) 247-1879, (757) 247-1872, Fax: (757) 240-4363

CHARLI Staff: Ashley Brown, Latasha Chavis, Gwendolyn Ellis-Wilson


Inova Juniper - Northern Virginia

2740 Prosperity Ave., Suite 200, Fairfax, VA 22031

Phone: (703) 321-2689, (703) 321-2642; Fax: (703) 204-9034

CHARLI Staff: Najiaiba Waziri, Kristen Bishop

CHARLI-funded agencies currently work with over 50 facilities throughout Virginia to provide services to those currently incarcerated and about to be released.  The program is always available and interested in expanding the facilities where client services are provided.  Any facilities interested in CHARLI services for clients can contact a CHARLI Service Provider, or the VDH Contract Monitor for CHARLI programs.

A list of facilities where CHARLI services are provided, please click the following link:

Susan Carr is the grant monitor for all CHARLI Program, responsible for the oversight of all CHARLI-funded agencies.  For questions or comments on the program, she can be reached at, or at (804) 864-8020.

Last Updated: July 13, 2020.