Community Partner Updates

Pharmacy Testing Program

Walgreens pharmacies will no longer be providing HIV and hepatitis c testing services on behalf of VDH.  This is effective immediately.  While it is unfortunate that we were unable to renew our agreement with Walgreens, we are already working to establish new pharmacy testing options to meet the needs of Virginians.

HIV, hepatitis c, and STD testing remain as important as ever.  The pharmacy testing program has proven that there is a need for testing locations convenient for our clients.  Over 1,762 tests were performed at select Walgreens stores in 2019 as part of the program before testing was paused due to COVID-19 concerns and safety precautions.   An additional 382 tests were performed through efforts between community-based organizations (CBOs) and Walgreens during National HIV Testing Day (NHTD).  While DDP is pursuing other avenues for a pharmacy testing model in Virginia, there is a need for creative strategies to reach at-risk individuals for testing services.  Additionally, Walgreens’ pharmacists have reported that clients have called inquiring about when testing will resume.

DDP will reach out to CBOs in the areas of Walgreens stores that had the highest volume of testing and encourage those organizations to foster a relationship with the Walgreens stores.  This could be setting up an agreement to provide recurrent testing at their store location, ensure referral services for clients, or whatever is best for that Walgreens store and that community organization.  Of note, out of the 382 tests performed in 2019 for NHTD for the Walgreens and CBO partnership in Virginia, 44% of those tests were from one single organization.  This CBO had already fostered a relationship with their neighborhood Walgreens and routinely conducts testing events at that Walgreens location.

To discuss testing outreach strategies and how your organization can possibly work with a Walgreens store near you, contact your contract administrator.

HIV/Hepatitis Testing Team Administrative Portal

The HIV/Hepatitis Testing Team Administrative Portal is launching on March 22.  This new tool will allow partners and subrecipients to get what they need from the testing team.  The portal will eliminate the need for several paper forms and will direct requests to the appropriate staff member.

Almost any routine request can be handled through the portal.  It can be used to request a variety of forms, additional test kits and controls, report issues with test kits, or even request technical assistance.  Once a request is submitted, the portal will automatically alert the appropriate team member(s) so they can respond.

Effective March 22, 2021, all testing-related administrative requests should come through this portal.  The portal can be accessed at  This link can also be found on the main Community Partners page.

Questions about the portal can be directed to Bryan Collins at  Any problems with the portal should be directed to Miles McKemy at

Meeting and Training Availability

DDP had previously cancelled and rescheduled trainings due to COVID-19 to protect the health and wellbeing of VDH staff, contracts, and partners.  Meetings and trainings are now being scheduled virtually as needed based on the needs of contracted agencies and community partners.

Quarterly contractor meetings are occurring virtually and are mandatory for HIV prevention and care contractors.  The dates and times of these meetings as well as the login information are provided well in advance of each meeting.

If your agency has a need for training or technical assistance or questions about required quarterly contractor meetings, please contact your contract administrator to discuss your needs.

Last Updated: May 28, 2021.