Critical Resource Shortages Planning Guide

The Critical Resource Shortages Planning Guide (the Planning Guide) was designed as a tool that provides a systematic approach to addressing the complex issues surrounding modification of care and, in some cases, even allocation of resources, during large scale disasters and emergencies that result in critical resource shortage events. The approach described in the Planning Guide is flexible enough to be used by any health and medical delivery organization (HMDO) or group of HMDOs. HMDOs that follow the process outlined in the Planning Guide will create a Critical Resource Shortage Response Plan containing, among other things, ethical and operational frameworks for responding to critical resource shortage events, and resource-specific Protocols that providers at the point of care can use to modify care provided by or with, or to allocate, specific critical resources.

The Planning Guide is an excellent tool, however, like any tool it has to be used appropriately to be effective. Most HMDOs do not have the infrastructure or the management resources to easily implement the Planning Guidewithout some assistance. In response to this need, we have developed the Critical Resource Shortages Planning Guide Implementation Toolkit (Implementation Toolkit) to help those who are involved in preparing HMDOs for critical resource shortage events. This Implementation Toolkit contains helpful resources including a Hospital Implementation Guide, which serves as an “instruction manual” or “teacher’s edition” of the Planning Guide; template Power Point presentations with speaker’s notes to accompany select chapters of the Hospital Implementation Guide; and, other practical, hands-on tools that will enable the effective implementation of each section of the Planning Guide.