Virginia Integrated HIV Services Plan

Virginia Integrated HIV Services Plan
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The Virginia Department of Health’s Integrated HIV Prevention and Care  Plan  and the Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need 2017-2021 serves as the plan for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and also for the Norfolk, Transitional Grant Area. The District of Columbia Ryan White Part A Eligible Metropolitan Area has a separate plan, which includes 17 counties in Northern and Northwestern Virginia, overlapping service areas of the Commonwealth.

Virginia’s Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan is a roadmap for HIV services identifying specific goals, objectives, and activities that are needed to stop the spread of HIV in Virginia and improve the health outcomes of all Virginians living with HIV.

For more information about the Plan, contact:

Ashley Yocum, HIV Care Services Planner
Tel: 804-864-7621
Kristen Donovan, Policy and Planning Specialist
Tel:  804-864-7552

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Section I: Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need
Section II: Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan
Section III: Monitoring and Improvement
Appendices – A. Financial Resources Inventory
Appendices – B. Integrated HIV Services Plan
Appendices – C. Letters of Concurrence

The Virginia Department of Health wishes to thank the many people living with and affected by HIV disease, public health officials, researchers, and staff of many organizations that participated in the development of the Plan.  Without their help, the Plan, which lays the groundwork for reaching the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and ending the HIV epidemic in Virginia, would not be possible.