Pharmacy Testing

Pharmacy Testing Update

Walgreens pharmacies will no longer provide HIV and hepatitis c testing services on behalf of VDH.  This is effective immediately.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes to members of the public that have regularly taken advantage of this program prior to its pause during COVID-19.

VDH has always believed that there is no wrong door to testing services.  We still encourage you to get tested for HIV, viral hepatitis, and other STDs through other avenues that are available throughout the state.  Knowing your status is essential to taking control of your health and receiving important medical care.

While VDH is seeking alternative options for pharmacy testing in the Commonwealth, please feel free to use our web pages to find testing and healthcare options that are convenient for you.  This page will be updated to reflect changes in pharmacy testing as it becomes available.

Testing Resources

    • DDP Testing Page – find HIV, STD, and viral hepatitis info and testing locations near you
    • In-Home HIV Testing Program – any person living in Virginia and Maryland is eligible to receive a free in-home HIV test kit discreetly delivered directly to their home after completing a short health survey
    • Resource Connections – find testing, healthcare, and general resources near you

Last Updated: 5/28/2021.