Contact List


Download VC Contact List

The agency VC network is currently comprised of 60 camera sites around the state. Each District has at least one camera with some having a camera at each of their local health departments.

To help users choose sites for a VC session that they may be planning, or to help camera operators establish the address books in their camera systems, we have developed the VC Contact List.

If you are planning a VC session, this list will give you an alphabetical listing (by District) of each camera within the VC network. Other information provided on the list is the location i.e. city or town of each camera, multiple Points of Contact (POCs) at each site with phone numbers and email addresses and their facility meeting room capacity.

For Sites Points of Contact and camera operators, if you are establishing or updating the address book in your camera system, the VC Contact list will also provide you with the IP address, H.323 extension and software version of each unit.