Career Studies Program

Distance Learning Career Studies Program for Water and Wastewater Operations Virginia Western Community College

The Career Studies Program for Water and Wastewater Operations at Virginia Western Community College in Roanoke is offered both in the evening on campus and by real-time webcast for distance learning. The career studies program is a certificate program intended to facilitate student entry into the water/wastewater operations field and to prepare current operators for Class 3 state certificate examination. All instructors are practitioners within the water and wastewater industry.

Fall courses include ENV 110 – Introduction to Water and Wastewater Treatment and ENV 148 – Math for Water and Wastewater Operators. The 16-week fall classes begin in late August and conclude in early December. Classes are offered on campus on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6 to 9 pm and by webcast at these times to enrolled distance learning students. To register for class(es), complete the Virginia Western Community College free-of-charge online application for credit classes by going to For general admissions requirements, go to

All applicants must complete placement tests for English and Math (MTE 2, pre-algebra). For placement test details refer to Distance learning students can take the placement test at their nearest Virginia community college campus; obtain a copy of the test results to share with advisors at VWCC. If you have questions concerning the application process, call the Admissions Office at 540-857-7231 (press #9).

Career studies certificate program spring courses include ENV 115 – Water Purification and ENV 149 – Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation. The fall courses are prerequisite to the spring classes; however, current operators may request that this prerequisite be waived. In addition to the four environmental courses, the career studies certificate program requires completion of PSY 120- Human Relations in the Workplace and SAF 127 – Industrial Safety; these two courses are available in the fall and spring semesters at most Virginia community college campuses. For additional information about the Career Studies Program for Water and Wastewater Operations, contact Program Advisor Bob Canova by email at or by phone at 540-819-7255.