Public health monitoring and surveillance are important components to help inform local, regional and state prevention and response efforts.

The Data portal provides access to interactive data on bloodborne pathogen infections, Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), overdoses requiring emergency care, and fatal drug overdoses. If you have any questions or data requests please contact:



At the top of each data page, there is a brief description of the content presented on the page and a dashboard with a variety of visual and text representations of the data. Data sources have multiple indicators within a specific content area (for example, Overdose Deaths ). Most data pages include a map as well as charts and graphs to demonstrate trends. There are also sections which detail the data definitions, indicator descriptions and cited resources.

In instances where the dashboards on the data pages have a map, hovering over a locality on the map, or over a data point on a graph will present additional information containing exact values and/or trends over time.

Don't want to see everything? Use filters to select data from certain years or to click on a locality on the map to filter graphs as applicable. Please note that additional filters are available and vary by data page.

The dashboard on each data page has a tool bar at the bottom which provides download capabilities of the data in a variety of formats. Additionally public use datasets are available in .CSV and .XLSX formats under the 'Data Download' section of the data page. You can use these files to further explore the data or share information with others.