Eastern Shore MAPP Assessments and Reports

Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) is a community-driven strategic approach to community health improvement.  It is a tool that helps communities improve health and quality of life through community-wide strategic planning.  Using MAPP, communities seek to achieve optimal health by identifying and using their resources wisely, taking into account their unique circumstances and needs, and forming effective partnerships for strategic action.

MAPP defines the local public health system (LPHS) as all the entities that collectively address local public health.  It includes a complex network of agencies and organizations, government, private and non-profit.  While the local public health department plays a leading role in the MAPP process, LPHS participation provides an opportunity to network and reinforce community partnerships, eliminate competition and enhance collaboration, provide recognition and credibility, access to appropriate and current data, and an improved focus on community priorities.

Ten Essential Public Health Services provides the fundamental framework for the national public health performance standards program and describes public health activities that should be undertaken in all communities. They were drafted in 1994 by the Core Public Health Functions Steering Committee that included representatives from the US Public Health Service agencies and other major public health organizations.

The Local Public Health System Assessmentis one of four MAPP assessments used to gather information to drive identification of strategic issues. It measures the capacity of the local public health system to conduct essential public health services.  The other three assessments include: The Community Themes and Strengths Assessment, which identifies themes that interest and engage the community, perceptions about quality of life, and community assets; The Community Health Status Assessment, that analyzes data about health status, quality of life, and risk factors in the community; and The Forces of Change Assessment, which identifies forces that are occurring or will occur that will affect the community or the local public health system.

Through participation of members of the local public health system, these four assessments were completed beginning in December 2010 and completed in December 2011.  The below documents present the results of the four assessments in addition to providing a general overview of the MAPP process and a strategic issues report.

1 – Eastern Shore MAPP Overview (PowerPoint Overview)

2 – Eastern Shore Local Public Health Performance Assessment

3 – Eastern Shore Community Themes & Strengths and Forces of Change Assessments

4 – Eastern Shore Community Health Status Assessment

5 – Eastern Shore Assessment Outcomes (PowerPoint Overview)

6 – Eastern Shore Local Public Health System Strategic Issues Report


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