Virginia EMS for Children (EMSC) Survey Deadline is March 31

2020 EMS Agency Data Collection for Two National EMSC Performance Measures

Your EMS agency is being asked to participate in a nationwide assessment online at: This assessment will help the National EMS for Children Data Analysis Resource Center better understand how pediatric emergency care is integrated in your EMS agency. It is recommended that you print a paper copy of the assessment to assist you in collecting the data necessary to officially submit your response online.

The online assessment survey started January 7, 2020 and closes March 31 at 5 p.m. EST. Invitations to take the survey were sent to known email addresses of EMS agency leaders. The survey has not yet reached a response rate from all of the 480 agencies invited, so please check this link: to see if your agency’s survey is still outstanding. If your agency is still visible then a survey has not been submitted. Our state and national goal is an 80% response rate! 

Relevant Performance Measures: EMSC 02 and EMSC 03

Only one survey is accepted online per licensed EMS agency that responds to 911 requests. Ideally, one of the EMS agency leaders should respond to this survey.  (Please note: Military, air, water, and “transfer-only” EMS agencies are being excluded from this particular survey.) If there is a better point person or email address for your agency, please contact David Edwards at Thank you for your participation in this important assessment!

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