CEU and Course Information

CEU Worksheets

To ensure that you take the proper courses you need to obtain continuing education units (CEU), please refer to the following worksheets: Symposium Course Selection Worksheet. If you have questions regarding CEUs, call the Division of Accreditation, Certification & Education at (804) 888-9100.

Continuing Education Credit

Virginia EMS Providers – CEUs for Virginia recertification credit will be awarded, as indicated by area, topic and category, to EMS providers certified by the Office of EMS. CEUs are offered for completion of class for Categories 1 and 2. ALS and BLS topics for recertification are listed by CE subject matter, date, time and category. Category 2 applies to both ALS and BLS, unless otherwise noted.

Non-Virginia Certified EMS Providers – Upon request, Non-Virginia EMS providers will receive a document that lists the symposium programs that they attended from the Office of EMS. Requests must be made no later than December 31, 2022.

Nurses – An education record will be generated by the Office of EMS as a record of classes attended. You will be able to turn this into your professional organization or employer for CE.

OMD Registration – Physicians attending the Operational Medical Directors Workshop are required to register for the symposium, but are exempt from paying registration and class fees for these courses. Please fill out the Virginia Registration Form and mail or register online. For more information on how to register, please click here.

Course Information

BLS Academy – This academy offers students the ability to find all of the required BLS continuing education credits with greater ease. These courses can be identified by the course track that begins with BLS.

 EMS Leadership and Management Certificate – EMS officers are encouraged to take classes to help them lead and manage their EMS agencies. Earn the EMS Leadership and Management Certificate by taking eight classes that are identified with the Star of Life icon next to the course title. Each half-day counts as two classes. You may sign up to receive a certificate by going to the 3rd floor of the Marriott. Once your attendance is verified, you’ll receive your certificate via email. We’ll only send you a certificate if you request one. Please direct any questions on the EMS Leadership and Management Certificate to: Tristen.Graves@vdh.virginia.gov.

Hands-On – All hands-on classes are denoted by the hand icon.

♥ Health & Safety – This track focuses on the health and safety of EMS providers. These icons also identify courses outside of this track that are health and safety-related.

Course Areas – All course areas will be noted in the catalog as follows: Classes in BLS and ALS category 1 will be designated with the assigned area number, for ex. BLS 11/ ALS 16. Courses in BLS and ALS category 2 will be noted as CAT 2, for ex. BLS CAT 2/ALS CAT 2.

Course Tracks

ADM – Administrative
ARV – Airway, Respiration and
BLS – BLS Academy
CAR – Cardiac
CRI – Critical Care
EDU- Educator
HEA – Health & Safety
LMGT – Leadership & Management
MED – Medical
MIHCP – Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine
OPE – Operations
PED – Pediatric
TRA – Trauma