COVID-19 One-Stop Shop for Documents and Downloads

This page has been developed as a centralized location for all COVID-19 related documents, forms and downloads for Education Coordinators.

Training Program Administration Manual (TPAM)

The current version of the Training Program Administration Manual, effective May 2020, can be found below.

Required Paperwork for Initial Certification Programs

The current version of first and last class paperwork packets for initial certification programs in the Commonwealth can be found below.  The ACE Division staff have provided these guidance documents for Education Coordinators to use when conducting initial certification programs.  The packets below ARE NOT designed to be photocopied and handed out to students.  Instead, these documents are meant to be used as a tool when you develop your own first and last class paperwork which is specific to your program–the only caveat being that all referenced state forms MUST be included in your packets.

Basic Life Support Paperwork

Advanced Life Support Paperwork

Program Guidance Documents for Initial Certification Courses Offered During the Pandemic

All forms are in Adobe PDF format, unless otherwise specified.

National Registry Provisional Certification

On December 18, 2020, to assist state EMS offices with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors took action to further extend the Provisional Certification deadline until June 30, 2021.

Important Information

  • National Registry Provisional Certifications will continue to be issued until June 30, 2021.
  • Provisional Certification will be automatically assigned to any candidate that;
    • Completes an educational program at the EMR, EMT, AEMT or Paramedic level, and
    • Successfully passes the National Registry’s cognitive (computer-based) examination.
  • Provisional certification is a National Registry certification but is not the same as being fully Nationally Registered.
  • The path to convert a provisional certification to full Nationally Registry certification only requires successful completion of the psychomotor examination.
  • Provisional Certifications will remain valid through the end of next year – December 31, 2021; or until an EMS provider passes the psychomotor examination before the expiration date.
  • Please check with your State EMS Office for state rules on using provisional certifications for licensure or authorization to practice.

Anyone with questions should contact Debbie Akers (

EMS in the High Schools

The Virginia Office of EMS works in concert with the Department of Education to update the EMS program guidance documents.

Other Related Forms and Documents

All forms are in Adobe PDF format, unless otherwise specified.