Scholarship FAQ’s for Agencies

The following is a list of frequently asked questions by EMS agency personnel.  If you do not see your question here, please e-mail Chad Blosser ( so we can update this list.



Can our agency apply for the Virginia EMS Scholarship program on behalf of our personnel?

No, it is not possible for an EMS agency to apply for scholarship funding.  The Virginia EMS Scholarship Program is student focused.  The scholarship application criteria and award amount are based on the student’s application to the Office of EMS through their Virginia EMS Portal account.  During the application process, a student has the ability to request that their EMS agency be the recipient of the scholarship funds on their behalf, however the student is not required to do so.

If a student requests that their scholarship award be transferred to their EMS agency, the EMS agency must agree to accept the scholarship funds on a per student basis.  This is done by submitting a grant request through the Virginia EMS Portal.  This request must be made by the agencies SuperUser.


Is it possible to have our personnel request scholarship funding if we do not charge for our training programs?

No.  The Virginia EMS Scholarship Program requires that the course/program in which the student is enrolled in charges a fee.  All students enrolled in the course/program must be charged the same fee.  If there is no fee for the course/program, then the course is not considered to be eligible for scholarship funding.  The Office of EMS cannot authorize payment of a scholarship to an individual who has received something for free.


Once the Virginia EMS Scholarship Award is determined, how long will it be before the student receives a check?

Scholarship checks will not be cut until after the course begin date in the Office of EMS database.  Once the course has started, it should take approximately 30-45 days for the student to receive the scholarship check.


Where can I get a copy of the Federal W-9 in order to assist our providers with filling it out and getting it scanned in before they apply for the scholarship?

The Federal W-9 Form can be downloaded from the following link: 

Can I see the contract my agency will be required to sign for the Virginia EMS Scholarship Program?

Yes.  You can download a sample by clicking here: EMS Training Fund – Scholarship Grant Contract 2018-2019

What are the requirements for a course (or program) in order to ensure it is eligible for the scholarship program?

Initial certification programs must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for the Virginia EMS Scholarship Program.  Your program:

  • must be a Virginia approved initial certification course
  • the program AND/OR the Education Coordinator who announced the course must be at or above the 16th percentile
    • the 16th percentile is a benchmark used to compare programs and instructors against their peers
  • the program AND/OR the Education Coordinator shall not have any current OEMS imposed enforcement actions from the Division of Regulation and Compliance
  • the program AND/OR the Education Coordinator must be listed as an “open” course on the OEMS database allowing for enrollments from the public without discrimination
  • the course (or program) shall charge the same tuition rate for the program to all enrollees

Can out-of-state EMS providers affiliated with my agency apply for a scholarship?

EMS Providers who are affiliated with a licensed Virginia EMS agency are eligible for the Virginia EMS Scholarship Program.

The EMS Agency is required to submit the attached form, TR-100 – Request to Allow Out-of-state EMS Providers Scholarship Access to Chad Blosser (  Once the students/affiliated providers have been approved, the Office will contact the provider via e-mail with a Quick Guide instructing them as to how they are required to apply for the scholarship.

In the case of all affiliated out-of-state providers, the agency must take on the responsibility for the student/provider’s scholarship award by applying for the EMSTF Scholarship Grant through the EMS Agency Portal and administer the funds on the student’s behalf.