Scholarship FAQ’s for Students

The following is a list of frequently asked questions by students about the Virginia EMS Scholarship Program.  If you do not see your question here, please e-mail Chad Blosser ( so we can update this list.



Can I apply for a scholarship for a course/program that did not charge me tuition?

No.  You must have been charged tuition for your training program in order to apply for and be considered for a scholarship.  The Office of EMS cannot authorize payment of a scholarship to an individual who has received something for free.


Can I apply for a scholarship if I have received a citation?

No.  EMS providers with a citation or a current OEMS imposed enforcement action from the Division of Regulation and Compliance are not eligible to apply for a scholarship.


Once the Virginia EMS Scholarship Award is determined, how long will it be before the student receives a check?

Scholarship checks will not be cut until after the course begin date in the Office of EMS database.  Once the course has started, it should take approximately 120-180 days for the student to receive the scholarship check.


The following is language from the scholarship contract about acceptable/unacceptable uses for the scholarship funds.  What are the “other expenses as prescribed by the department?”

“The scholarship award amount shall only be used for payment of charges for tuition, fees, or other education expenses as prescribed by the Department. Room, board, travel, research, clerical help, equipment and other expenses that are not required for enrollment in or attendance at an eligible educational institution are not allowable expenses.”

“Other expenses as prescribed by the department” includes the following list of allowable items:

  • EMS text books;
  • EMS program uniforms/clinical clothing;
  • EMS testing fees to include: CTS fees & NREMT certification exam fees;
  • Clinical tracking program software licenses to include but not limited to: FISDAP; Platinum Planner
  • NREMT cognitive exam preparation software to include but not limited to: FISDAP,;
  • EMS program related background checks;
  • EMS program related physicals and/or inoculations.


I understand a W-9 is required in order to apply for the scholarship.  Where can I get a copy of this form?

The Federal W-9 Form can be downloaded from the following link: 

Can I see the contract that I will be required to sign for the Virginia EMS Scholarship Program?

Yes.  You can download a sample by clicking here: EMS Training Fund – Scholarship Program Contract 2018-2019

I am under 18, can I apply for the Virginia EMS Scholarship Program?

Yes.  Students under 18 must contact Chad Blosser ( via e-mail and request to be made eligible for the scholarship program.  Since the student is under the Age of Majority in Virginia, they must be affiliated with a Virginia licensed EMS agency and agree to permit the EMS agency to receive and administer the scholarship on their behalf.