State Telehealth Plan

The Virginia Department of Health has pulled together a working group to aide in the development of the State Telehealth Plan (STHP) as outlined in HB1332 (Kilgore) that directs the Board of Health to develop and implement, by January 1, 2021, and thereafter maintain as a component of the State Health Plan, a Statewide Telehealth Plan (the Plan) to promote an integrated approach to the introduction and use of telehealth services and telemedicine services in the Commonwealth.

Update: The Virginia State Telehealth Plan leadership team has continued to meet and work diligently on the Telehealth Plan, while the stakeholder workgroups have been temporarily put on hold. After weeks of electronic meetings, public comments, emails, and surveys, we feel that we have the information needed to produce the general framework for the Virginia State Telehealth Plan, and are working to do so. Once the general framework is complete, the STHP leadership will meet again with the stakeholders and gather more input to make changes. We are working with the new deadline of March 1, 2021, and are taking time to construct the plan with care.

Meeting Minutes